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Ricotta Institute (RI) founded in 2016 is an alternative school in New York. A dozen of students and faculty are encouraged to explore together in cooking, writing and coding, design and marketing for ricotta. Because ricotta is white and also delicious.

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RI runs a simple yet special four-week course.

  1. First week, we learn how to make organic ricotta using only milk, whipped cream, lemons, and salt. And…
  2. Second week, we compose a poem, novella, or an essay on the ricotta you have made. And…
  3. The following week, we try to build websites, computer games, applications, or Google Chrome extensions on the ricotta. And…
  4. The last week, we exercise a promotion of all the activities we have done last three weeks. If you are lucky, you’ll make some money. And…
  5. That’s it!

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155 Bank St., New York, NY 10014


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